激光手持焊接机Hand-held Laser Welding Machine





 手持式光纤yabo亚搏网页版接机的工业市场应用使得焊接操作更为简易,轻松实现多种角度,多种位置的 拼焊,叠焊,缝焊。完美取代传统氩弧焊、电焊在薄不锈钢板、铁板、铝板等金属材料方面焊接。

Along with the development of fiber laser source, hand-held laser welding machine was widely used and changed the industrial welding market by making it much simpler for different angle and welding processing like stitch welding, tailor welding and seam welding. It could completely replace the applications of traditional arc welder and electric welder technology in thin stainless steel, iron sheet, aluminum plate and other metal sheet.


 薄板金属板焊接-不锈钢,碳钢类,适用产品-各类钣金,模具,机箱,水箱,厨卫产品, 各类五 金灯饰,广告字广告牌,门窗框架类yabo亚搏网页版接。

For thin metal sheet laser welding processing-stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum. Covering the products of mold, cabinet, tank, kitchen accessories, hardware, advertising letter and signboard, door frames etc.

设备特点Machine Features

Smart interior design and good interactive control system which enlarge the tolerance range of the welding parts and the weld width. It solves the disadvantage of small laser welding spot with better weld formation /shaping.
s   造型轻便,采用身体工程学设计方法,握感舒适,一手轻松掌控,操作简单易上手。Lightweight and ergonomic design, comfortable grip, easy to control with one hand and simplified operation.
s   具有多个安全警报,移开工件后自动锁光,安全性高。
Multiple safety alarms, automatic locks light after removing the workpiece, with high security.
s   焊缝美观,速度快、无耗材,无变色,无需后期打磨。
Smooth & good-looking weld seam, fast speed, no consumables, no discoloration, no need for extra processing.
s   可配置多种角度喷嘴,满足不同产品焊接需求。
A variety of angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding needs of different products.

技术参数Technical Parameter

设备主要配置 Machine Configuration